Eat & Sleep

Eat & Sleep


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There are some great private rooms and houses available for rent through Air BnB. Kevin & Jo frequently use this service during their travels around the world and find it’s a great way to experience a city, and to spend less money. You might consider going in on a house with some other participants, which can be sorted out through the Facebook group (which you will be added to after acceptance into the workshop).

Private Hosting
We can try to arrange hosting for you with a local dancer, but we cannot guarantee this as an option. If you prefer to be hosted with a dancer, let us know as soon as possible after we’ve accepted your application.



To Vienna:
Vienna can be reached in so many ways!
Other than just flying into VIE check out Bratislava Airport (BTS). Lots of cheaper airlines like Ryanair use this airport and Flixbus offers tickets between at 7,50€ to take you from BTS to Vienna.

You live in a european city driving distance from Vienna? Check out Busradar to see if there is a cheap bus or train connection!

In Vienna:
If you are visiting from out of town we highly recommend you get yourself a ticket for the Vienna public transport system. With a 72 hour ticket you can use all public transport including busses, metro, and trams within the city (careful the airport is beyond the city limits). Another option depending on when you arrive would be the weekly ticket which costs about the same (17,10€) as the 72hour option but is only valid until Monday morning the following week at 9am. You can buy all ticket options at the machines of the wienerlinien at all metro and train stations.